Skin Flooding : Benefits of the Buzzy Beauty Trend (And How to Try It!)

Has a full day in the sun left your cheeks a bit pink? Though summer’s temperatures aren’t as harsh on your skin as winter’s tend to be, you may also find yourself going outdoors more often, exposing yourself to the drying and damaging effects of the sun’s rays. Plus, camping trips, bonfires, fishing expeditions, hikes, sports activities and gardening can all take a toll on your pores. But you can keep your complexion in check during any season by trying the latest beauty trend – skin flooding!

The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Curly Hair

Before diving into how to properly care for curly hair, it’s best to start off by understanding the biology behind what makes hair curly versus straight. Hair texture begins with the shape of hair follicles – straight manes are made up of round and symmetrical hair follicles. Curls, however, are oval or elliptical in shape, with flat, asymmetrical follicles.

Have you ever wrapped a gift and added ribbon, using your scissors to flatten one side of the ribbon so it would curl? Curly hair is shaped very much the same – with a flat side that drives the follicle to form a coiled shape. The flatter the hair shaft, the tighter or kinkier the curl.

Diving Deep with The Benefits of Facial Steaming

As the first days of Spring introduce more light into your house, have you noticed that your skin isn’t looking as bright or as clear as it was before dry, unforgiving temperatures prevailed? Or are you already worried that once Mother Nature awakens and begins her pollinating process, your sinuses won’t respond well? It just so happens that both of these concerns can be addressed by the same remedy – facial steaming.


What is Earthing? Reconnect With the Earth for Health & Well-Being

These days, doesn’t it seem like there are just too many ways to stay in a stressed-out state of mind? Turn on the news. Check the ol’ inbox – that’s all you need to do. Whether it be your last PTA meeting, a tornado watch in your neighborhood, another medical bill, a looming work deadline or the most recent newsflash, there always seems to be something to send your pulse racing or make your mouth go dry.

So how could a simple barefoot stroll along a local shoreline or in your own backyard help you find peace of mind once again? Turns out, that’s exactly what the latest research is uncovering about spending time outdoors.

The Best Essential Oils for Anxiety – and How to Use Them

Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils for therapeutic benefit. But what exactly are essential oils and how does one use them therapeutically? First, essential oils are the highly volatile oils from a single fragrant plant that have been isolated by a physical process – usually through hydro-distillation, maceration, mechanical pressing or less commonly, solvent extraction. Like fixed oils such as olive or coconut oil, they don’t mix well with water, but unlike fixed oils they evaporate quickly at room temperature.

How To Set Intentions: A Guide to Turning Your Dreams into Reality

Does the idea of intention creating and goal setting feel like an elusive activity – akin to making magic spells one might learn at Hogwarts? Fear not, friends. You don’t have to be Harry Potter to become an expert at intention crafting. Here are some tips and tricks (no wand necessary!) to help you organize your dreams and desires so you can step forward into this new year with your best foot forward.


Tarot Reading for July: The World & Shilajit

In the final card of the Major Arcana in the Tarot, a dancer graces the center, twirling wands like that of the Magician only even more advanced in the arts of magic because she carries two, one in each hand. Carefree and pure, a lavender sash is all that she wears across one of her shoulders and down around her body. Surrounding the dancer is a green wreath with red ribbons wrapped in infinity signs above and below her. Though this is the last card of the Tarot, the wreath creates a zero as if

Tarot Reading for May: The Queen of Pentacles & Yarrow

The picturesque scene in the Queen of Pentacles shows us a lovely ruler gazing at a large golden pentacle that lays resting in her lap. She sits complacently on a stone carved throne in a field filled with blossoming flowers, with hazy blue mountains rising in the distance. Her throne indeed, is ornately carved, with the head of a goat showing at the arm of her chair, indicating the practical and wise astrological sign of Capricorn. A wild hare

Tarot Reading for April: The Chariot & Ginseng

In the Tarot card the Chariot, a young man wearing a crown of stars stands tall in a chariot drawn by two Sphinxes – one black and one white. The figure is brash, muscular, and strong. At the height of his strength and stamina, he is celebrating a great personal victory and wears his flashiest, shiniest gold armor. On his shoulders sit silver crescent moons and a fancy belt drapes off his hip. He is a celebrity, a demigod, a famous athlete at his peak, a successful knight or soldier returning ho


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