How To Set Intentions: A Guide to Turning Your Dreams into Reality

Does the idea of intention creating and goal setting feel like an elusive activity – akin to making magic spells one might learn at Hogwarts? Fear not, friends. You don’t have to be Harry Potter to become an expert at intention crafting. Here are some tips and tricks (no wand necessary!) to help you organize your dreams and desires so you can step forward into this new year with your best foot forward.

Diving Deep with Dream Recall

The nights are getting longer as summer’s heat slowly dissipates into autumn’s cooler temperatures and darker days. However, instead of mourning the loss of lengthier daylight hours and additional sunshine, why not embrace what will soon be winter’s extended evenings by exploring your dreams? Studies show that people with high dream recall have exceptional creative abilities during both wakefulness and sleep. Why not spur your creative juices by increasing your dream memory?

Diving Deep with Inflammation Featuring Turmeric Tango Tea

You’ve likely heard about inflammation, but how much do you know about it? Could your lifestyle choices be leading you towards chronic inflammation? In 2000, almost 125 million Americans were living with a chronic inflammatory condition, and 61 million had more than one. Read on to discover how many illnesses are related to inflammation and how small tweaks in your daily routine and diet can prevent you from suffering from this increasingly prevalent illness.


Tarot Reading for January: The Fool & Turkey Tail Mushoom

In the colorful Tarot card the Fool, we see a person in a festive bright tunic with large billowing sleeves taking a carefree step near the edge of a cliff. Carrying a staff with everything this young fellow owns, and holding an innocent white flower in the other hand, the Fool stands overlooking a dramatic precipice with mountains in the background and a bright, strong Sun looking on in the righthand corner.

Tarot Reading for October: The Moon & Mugwort

Two hounds gather under a large yellow moon, whose face gazes serenely down between grey pillars in one of the most controversial Tarot cards, the Moon. What makes this card so controversial? Perhaps because of the many taboo subjects already associated with the moon. Don’t we all know that witches fly on broomsticks under full moons? That more crimes are committed under moonlight? That those who menstruate do so in similar cycles to the moon? That the word lunatic is also based on the Latin wor

Tarot Reading for February 2022: The Lovers with Herbal Pairing Cocoa

Like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, the Lovers portray a nude man and woman, with a heavenly angel presiding over them. The Adam and Eve reference is quite strong here, as a serpent can be seen entwined in an apple tree behind Eve. In older Tarot Card decks, such as the Tarot de Marseilles, the image is quite different – showing a man deciding between two women, with the Roman God of Love – Cupid – flying overhead, an arrow ready at his bow. Traditionally, the appearance of the Lovers in a


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